What Are the Best Telugu Movies in Aha?

If you want to watch a Telugu movie online, there is no better platform to do so than Aha. On Aha, you can find the best Telugu movies, including the latest movies and even the movies yet to be released on television screens.

In this guide, you can learn about some of the best Telugu movies to watch on Aha.

Top Telugu Movies to Watch in Aha

Some of the top Telugu movies you can watch in Aha are as follows:

  • Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal

This is one of the top Telugu films that you can watch, and the director of this film is Vishal Venkat. The cast includes Manikandan, Ashok Selvan, Nassar and many more. The film might have an obvious ending or beginning, but this is a film you must watch.

You will meet four flawed men in this movie: Ashok Selvan, Manikandan, Abi Hassan and Praveen Raja. Watch this film on Aha to know what events unfold later, and this is a film that you cannot miss.

Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal will be a hopeful slice-of-life drama |  Tamil Movie News - Times of India

  • Akash Vani

The film stars Kartik Tiwari, and Nushrat Bharucha and the director of this film is Luv Ranjan. Akash Vani is a good film that you can enjoy, and in one of the most dramatic moments of this film, the protagonists are estranged by a number of unfortunate incidents; they sit on the bench and cry their hearts out. The boy in the film smokes to prove that he is no longer a boy but a man. A shehnai is seen playing in the background.

  • Maha

This is a film that has Skrikantha and Hansika in lead roles and is directed by Jameel. In this film, Hansika is an air hostess who lives with her daughter Manasvi, but her daughter gets killed later due to a psycho killer. In this film, Hansika is seen as a single mother who, with the help of a cop (Srikanth), looks to find the murderer of her child.

This is basically a thriller movie filled with violence against the girl child, the story is not only good on paper, but the actors did a good job too. Watch the movie to learn if Hansika was successful in her attempts.

Stream Top Telugu Movies on Aha

To watch the Telugu movies stated above, you need to log in to your account on Aha and watch any movie you want at any time. Aha supports most of the devices, including androids, Smart TVs and PCs.