This policy is applicable for all the members who make use of our service.

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to keep the information secure and protected. This information will be classified as the information that you provide to us and the second one is the information that is collected during the registration process.

What kind of information excludes the policy?

Information that may exclude the policy consists of anonymous data that are provided and the name of the person is unknown. This policy also excludes the information that is attained through the chats or community. This is because such kind of information is no longer need to be protected.

Terms of acceptance

You may be able to access the website only if all the terms and conditions of the policy are agreed. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions we will be unable to provide any of our services and registration is also not possible in this case.

Optional details also can be entered .If any kind of products wants to be uploaded or by entering in the websites of the competitors we will be able to use this additional information.(Business name) does not take any personal information from you. This helps you to identify yourself. In order to fulfil the information request we request you to provide the kind of personal information. This information is neither provided to any of the third parties. This information will be protected without any lose or misuse of the data. Even if there are many of the referring websites we do not try to link this address to our websites. We use only non persistent cookies for this website. These cookies do not collect any kind of personal information and gets deleted as soon as you leave the site