Reference on tonic waters

Reference on tonic waters

Today tonic water benefits people in many ways to people. Most of the people those who usually prefer these tonic waters in diluting with gin or vodka like spirits especially. These tonic waters are available online and offline.  It is extremely healthy too due to its hydration point of view. This is why you can see many online websites that sell these tonic mixers and lo-cal sodas to dilute in gin, beer like spirits. So, choosing the right shopping site online is equally important.

Simple benefits of tonic waters to know

It is a liquid form and can help give your body hydration. It is available in sugar form but it has high nutritional values when taken in limited amounts. Most of the people prefer these tonic waters are a replacement to normal water majorly. This is why taking moderate tonic waters are highly advisable than taking it in overconsumption when diluted with spirits like gin and all. This is why tonic mixers and lo-cal sodas demand is more now among the people.

tonic mixers and lo-cal sodas

There are plenty of risks with these tonic waters and especially when over consumed

  • Of course, there are predominant risks with overconsumption of tonic waters. Don’t try to consume more in amounts as it may certainly lead to heart health diseases or diabetes like that. Mostly, sugar is the main ingredient in the name of fructose corn syrup relied upon tonic waters are highly available today. So, it probably leads to obese-related health issues and it evenly shows the impact on your body metabolism levels too.
  • In the current tonic waters availability, you might observe incredible health benefits due to the presence of tiny amounts of quinine in those tonic waters. If you consume more than the prescribed dosage, you will be enhancing severe side effects. Especially severe stomach cramps and nausea-like that.
  • According to reports, most drinkers prefer tonics with gin and many choose it as the best choice. Most of these tonics do come with zero sugar ingredients only.

Do tonic waters heal out muscle cramps? It’s absolutely no. let’s know why

Generally, the quinine in tonic water is very much helpful in healing out leg cramps and of course many believe that it works effectively and according to reports, it is not practically proved to. Moreover, these tonic waters are used for muscle cramps and it is evenly believed by most people. The only reason behind this is cramps caused due to dehydration only. Here try to get fluids but not caffeine products.

Better to use heat or ice pads to relieve cramps. Better don’t prefer tonic waters to heal muscle cramps especially. So, stop believing this myth as these tonic waters are limited to consume when you want to drink with gin or any kind of other spirits. It is not used for healing out health issues and in turn, it may lead you to face health problems only if you consume in more amounts.


In short, these tonic waters are much healthier and vastly used rather than water dilution in spirits today. Most drinkers prefer these tonic waters compared to normal water.  This is why there are tremendous benefits to these tonic waters.