Introducing, A New Technology Specifically Designed For Seniors

Introducing, A New Technology Specifically Designed For Seniors

The elderly usually feel left out when it comes to modern technology. The new gadgets just seem so complicated for them. No matter how easy this may seem to you, they would not appreciate its complexity. However, it is important that they too are introduced to this innovation. This is where the Konnekt Senior’s Videophone can help you with.

Communication – Why Is It Important To Seniors?

For the elderly, loneliness and social isolation can have a negative impact on their mental, physical, and social health. Being connected with their loved ones and simply talking to them can have a huge positive impact on their health and overall well-being. Seniors who regularly communicate with family members, even just over the phone, are shown to be happier and healthier. And when they have both, they tend to live longer.

These days, it’s possible to communicate in a variety of ways with your elderly loved one. However, you know how complicated smartphones can be for them. But if they are in a care home and you need to get in touch with them, not through their nurse or carer, but directly with them, then you need a device that is designed for their capacity to communicate using modern gadgets.

Introducing, The Seniors’ Phone

Seniors will now have access to modern technology, thanks to the Konnekt Senior’s Videophone. The goal of this device is to make life better and easier for seniors. With the videophone, families can get in touch with their elderly loved ones without having to see them in person. It would be so much easier to check on them even for those who live far away. This device will let them talk and see the people who genuinely care and love them even from afar.

Choose Konnekt Senior’s Videophone

The Konnekt Senior’s Videophone also called the Phone For Disability is very easy to use as it is specifically designed for seniors and the disabled. The call buttons are big enough for them, which they prefer. Also, the audio is loud enough for those who have old-age hearing problems.

Also, they no longer need to remember or list down phone numbers as these are programmed in the device and are just a press of a button to make a call. There are no qwerty keypads or complicated passwords. All they need to do is to turn on their videophone and they’re ready to use it.

Reserve Yours Now!

This videophone can be installed by anyone who can visit their loved one. It can be a family member or their caregivers who can unbox the videophone for them and plug it into any power outlet. If the Konnekt Senior’s Videophone sounds interesting to you, then you should reserve one for your loved one now.