What Kinds of Medicinal Cannabis Are There in Australia?

In 2016, medical cannabis became legally available in Australia. Since then, the range of medicines accessible to patients has expanded, including several cannabis delivery formulas. However, here’s an overview of the medicinal cannabis options in Australia.

Throughout the last five years of legal medicinal cannabis, the suitable alternatives for Australian patients have progressively risen. There is an incredible range of cannabis products available, regardless of your particular tastes or condition.

Check out what choices are available to you and schedule an appointment with Hello to chat with highly knowledgeable medical cannabis doctors. There are some hazards involved with using medicinal cannabis, which your doctor will discuss with you ahead of issuing a prescription. Medicinal cannabis has diverse effects on different people and may or may not assist with your chronic illness.

What medicinal cannabis types in Australia?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration regulates medical cannabis in Australia (TGA). The TGA divides medical cannabis into five categories. The categories rate the amount of CBD found in the cannabinoid profile overall.

  • The first category is for CBD-only products with little or no THC.
  • These items include some THC (around 2%) and are mostly CBD.
  • Some choices have a considerably more equal CBD: THC ratio of roughly 60% to 40%.
  • Although some products include CBD, THC accounts for 60% to 98% of the cannabis content.
  • Items include up to 98% THC, with the other 2% CBD naturally occurring.

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What varieties of medical cannabis are accessible to Australian patients?

In Australia, patients have an increasing number of cannabis-based treatment choices. You can choose from several formulations with varying onset timings and durations, including:


Cannabis flower, the classical cannabis type, was dried and cut into little pieces for patients to vaporize and inhale. This approach provides a quick and powerful start that fades quickly. Flower often appeals to patients above the age of 18.


Cannabis oil is highly adaptable and has a wide range of applications, “oils” sense means something that should consume as a tincture beneath the tongue. Likewise, as with medicinal cannabis medicines taken orally, the onset is delayed, but the length gives long-lasting comfort.


Capsules of cannabis oils can take orally. The start will be lower than with a flower, and the benefits will be longer. Patients commonly begin with flowers or oil before taking pills. It is often a more costly alternative.

Lozenges and Wafers

Medical cannabis chewable tablets and wafers, like pills, are consumed orally. These foods, like capsules, will have a slower onset but a long time of effects. They also have a lovely flavor.


Medicinal marijuana can take orally. The length and onset will be comparable to a pill or wafer.


Cannabis creams are common choices for individuals looking for localized pain treatment. Cannabis creams can apply on the skin, which absorbs CBD and THC. Surprisingly, topical alternatives are non-intoxicating, giving them an excellent choice for people concerned about getting high. The onset will similarly be slow, but relief should endure for several hours.