Unique Cool Glass Bongs Made For Unique And Cool You

Unique Cool Glass Bongs Made For Unique And Cool You

Smoking is a process that is done for recreational purposes. It relaxes the body and gives an escape from stress. There are many ways to do the activity for entertainment purposes. It can be using joints or taking the vape. One of the coolest ways is using the bongs. And something cooler than that is, using unique cool glass bongs.

What is a bong?

Bong is a vase-like shaped thing that is used to take marijuana. It includes burning and cooling the smoke before inhaling it. It is assembled using different parts that serve its purpose. When the burning is finished, the smoke passes through the water before entering the mouth. It removes the heat from the smoke and makes it good to inhale.

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes to make the experience more enjoyable. One of the best bongs is the unique cool glass bongs that come in shapes like pumpkins, snowmen, and jellyfish. All the shapes are suitable for the upcoming holidays of Halloween and Christmas.

What are the different parts of bongs?

  • Bowl: This is the place where the weed lies before burning. Place the weed in the bowl by crushing it into small pieces. This is the starting point of the process of smoking.
  • Chamber of water: This part is filled with water. The smoke after the burning of weed travels through this part for cooling. It can have different shapes. It’s the base of the bong.
  • Neck: It is the part where the smoke gets collected. It’s just below the mouthpiece. Its starting point is the base, and the ending part is the mouthpiece. It can come in different shapes.
  • Mouthpiece: As its name serves, this part is taken into the mouth to inhale the smoke. It’s the ending part from which smoke comes out. The part attached to the mouthpiece is the neck. It is mostly made in a slanted way to make it easy to use
  • Downstem: It is the way for the smoke to pass from the water to the tube. It takes care of the cooling of the smoke. It is removable. When smoke is passed to the water, it is broken down into bubbles of small size. Then cooling of the smoke takes place.
  • Percolator: It’s used to filter the smoke. It is in addition to the water. There is a variety of percolators available.
  • Ice Pinch: It is used to hold ice in the neck. It is placed in a way doesn’t let the ice block the smoke.