Choose The Right Support Worker With These Tips

Choose The Right Support Worker With These Tips

Hiring the right support worker can help you or your loved one live a better and more comfortable life. They become a part of your crew because they are not only there to help with disability-related support needs, but your family also gets to spend the majority of your time with them.

If you are hiring one for your loved one, you know that they better be someone that you can trust and get along with. So to help you figure this out, then here are some tips to ensure that you find the right disability support services that you need.

Understanding What Support Workers Do

Support workers assist with personal care (showering, dressing, and eating). They also help the person move around your home and outdoors. The support worker helps with tasks around the house that their patient would not be able to do themselves, like cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. They also support the person when participating in community activities and learning new skills. And most importantly, they could drive you around or assist you when using public transport.

Know Your Support Needs

Before you start looking for a support worker, you should first understand your support needs. They should include the ones mentioned above. Then must know what you must be looking for in a support worker. Maybe you want them to have a driver’s license, know certain skills, or even have a pleasant personality. Your lists will be your guide as you search for your support worker to hire.

Ask For Recommendations

It is best that the support worker that you hire is recommended by someone your know, could be a friend or a family member. If nobody can recommend you a support worker, then you should visit Hearth Australia online. They offer disability support services in Victoria and they can recommend one of their trusted participants from their support team.

Interview Potential Support Workers

You should take the time to speak with a potential support worker over the phone, via email, or in-person if possible. Ask about their training and experience working with people with disabilities. Learn about their interests to see if you can connect.

Check Qualifications and References

It is best that before you hire the support worker, verify credentials first such as their certifications in first aid and background checks with the authorities as well. Obtaining references will allow you to speak with others who have worked with them in the past. 

Before you get into the process of searching for a support worker online, it is crucial that you understand their roles and responsibilities first. This way, you will know if they are the professionals that you need. Then, you can go ahead and tick off the list of steps that are mentioned above. This will help you make a well-informed decision and end up hiring the right person.