Steel Plate For Road Construction For Hire

Steel Plate For Road Construction For Hire

Road plates have been widely used around the world and are made of mild steel. It is used to allow vehicles and pedestrians to pass over the holes and trenches. However, for the construction, it is used for demolition and maintenance works. A steel road plate hire can be in multiple sizes and are perfect for use for the following:

  • Street crossings
  • Trench covering
  • Access on unstable terrain

Road plates are safe for vehicle use and pedestrian use.

Can steel plates damage a vehicle?

Steel plates don’t damage any car if you follow the recommended speed limit. So, it is important to follow traffic rules to avoid any unwanted incidents. As you can see, many roads are now using these steel road plates, especially on bridges. It is also the best option when the road construction is in a rush. There is a huge difference in constructing roads using concrete.

By using a steel road plate, any road construction is quick and good to go. Additionally, it doesn’t just risk a vehicle, especially it gives a smooth ride.

steel road plate hire

Road plates at road works

According to the traffic advisory, innovative techniques and methods of working are aimed at reducing traffic congestion because of road works. It aimed at the following:

  • Highway authorities
  • Utility companies
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Road works involved companies

Road platers can temporarily return roads with re-establish excavations to service.

Reasons for using road plates

There are a lot of reasons why these steel road plates are used for:

  1. Busy roads made able during peak times
  2. Lane rental schemes in operation
  3. Installable and removable on the public works

By using the road plates, it can be useful at times, such as:

  1. Morning and evening peaks
  2. Specific events (parades, public holidays, and more)
  3. No operation on the site because of unforeseen delays

The steel road plate specification

A steel road plate is 13mm thick that is commonly used for small vehicles and pedestrians. A19mm road plate suits for heavy-duty vehicles. To avoid damage or possible mishaps because of load incapacity, the right specification of road plates must be used. There are mild steel-made road plates that best suit the needs on where to use them.

A ¾” thick steel road plate comes in sizes 8 ft to 20 ft. It also comes with different weights. When you are using a steel road plate, you must be aware that it comes in different sizes and weights. Picking the right specification that you need ensures that everything goes into the right function and use.