Fears and facts behind using Tampons and pads

Fears and facts behind using Tampons and pads

Using pads and especially tampons is natural to every woman who has reached the menarche period. Reading this article will inform you about the facts and fears of using these menstrual products. Next time you are going to buy tampons and pads, consider the fundamentals mentioned in this article. Click here; https://moxie.com.au/ and learn more about these products. Here are facts and fears of using tampons and pad:

Cervical cancer and womb tumors

Have you ever wondered why make cases of womb tumors and cervical cancer have increased recently? Most of these cases come as a result of using some tampons and pads products. Next time you go shopping for tampons and pads, be aware of the organic cotton and unbleached tampons products.

Be conscious about Tampons makers

You should also be conscious about tampon makers that also include asbestos in the tampon. The main reason they make their own tampons is that their products make women bleed more, and if a woman has excess bleed, they will need more tampons. Therefore it means more revenue for the manufacturer.


Top manufactures of cotton tampon

In 2002, an article was published in one of the famous Magazine world that listed the leading manufacturers of cotton tampon products. These companies were Terra Femme and Organic Essential Company. Since then, more and more companies have emerged producing the same products.

Tampons and pads contribute to landfills

You should also consider next time you go shopping for pads and tampons because pads and tampons also contribute to landfills. Even though the reported cases have to be that much, it is worth considering since it has chances. Alternatively, it would be best to use sponge instead since it is renewable, reusable, and biodegradable.

Tampon contain harmful; Rayon and Dioxin

Additionally, some tampons have been reported containing two harmful chemicals known as dioxin and rayon, commonly used bleaching products and absorbency. The manufacturers of these harmful products have been convinced that women need bleached products to consider them as clean. A serious problem here comes when dioxin is produced in a bleaching process that will result in dangerous side effects.

Carcinogenic is cancer-related and toxic to reproductive and immune systems. It has also been associated with endometriosis, men with low sperm count, and in women, it breaks down their immune system. Since you are now aware of these products’ harmful products, click here https://moxie.com.au/ and know more about these products.


The Environment-Protection-Agency (EAP) has already reported that no acceptable standard range of exposure provided that it’s accumulative in the bodies and disintegrates slowly. A severe danger comes as a result of repeated contact. Rayon contributes to tampons’ dangers and dioxin since it’s an incredibly absorbent substance.