Best Tips in Buying a Bedside Table

Best Tips in Buying a Bedside Table

When you buy furniture for the bedroom, the focus is usually on the bed. It is the most important furnishing, but second to it is the bedside table. This will add more to the functionality of the bedside table, not to mention the aesthetics of the entire room. It used to be that all the furniture in the bedroom were uniform in terms of design, color, and even finishing. Today there is more room for experimentation. You can find several options from the Koala Living furniture store online.

Choices for a Bedside Table

To function as a bedside table, you can choose from these: a chest of drawers, a small bookcase, a console table, a desk, and a simple nightstand. For you to choose better among these tables, you can consider different factors such as symmetry, space, storage, and aesthetics.

For space, you have to look into the space on each side of the bed. You must also consider the amount of surface area you need for some of your personal effects like an alarm clock, smartphone, charger, and bedside lamp. You may also think if you want spaces and furnishings that are symmetrical or you want these to be mixed up. Another factor is the storage. You may prefer to have a chest of drawers, some furniture with lots of doors, or open shelves for you to put your artwork or books on display. When it comes to aesthetics, it’s more of a personal preference. Perhaps you are more drawn to vintage storage trunks or a modern style bedroom piece.

Check for the Right Height

Before you go to a shop like Koala Living furniture store, make sure that you know the height of the bedside table you plan to buy. This will have a huge impact on the room regardless of its size and design. The rule of thumb is that the bedside table must not be higher than the mattress top. Imagine having a clean and straight line from your mattress to the bedside table. This will make it easier to reach for the lamp, book, eyeglasses, or a glass of water due to lack of spatial impediment.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Buy a bedside table whose color complements the wall and the entire space instead of blending with them. You may go for a couple of tones that are lighter or darker than the paint job. You may also match the color of the bedside table to the design accents found in the room like the color of your rapes or your rug.

Consider Your Own Style

Don’t lose yourself in choosing the style of your bedside table and the entire room at that. It helps to have a professional guide you in styling, but do not sacrifice your own happiness.