Water System Control: The Use Of Water Flow Meters

Water System Control: The Use Of Water Flow Meters

Many of you have noticed that the water system has always been affected during natural disasters. Once typhoon strikes, the control of the water system has always been a big problem. So as during the dry season when the source of water suddenly stops, people are always affected by it. The burden of water deficiency supply will surely be a disaster. Imagine a city without water supply, what will be the tomorrow, if so?

Aquamonix will uphold everything, the leading group when it comes to water quality, irrigation automation and monitoring, and cloud-based data management. Using their water system products, the flow and distribution of water will be controlled and managed in advance.

What is a water flow meter?

A water flow meter is a device measuring the amount of water that flows through a pipe. There are various water flow meter technologies to pick from, depending on the following:

  • water measurement application
  • maintenance requirements
  • budgetary

The purpose of flow meter is a tool or device used to measure the mass or volume of gas or liquid. Flow meters are referred to by multiple names, such as:

  • Flow gauge
  • Flow indicator
  • Liquid meter
  • Flow rate sensor

All these are used, depending on the particular industry.

The magnetic flowmeters

A flowmeter that is designed for long-term unattended deployment or water in extreme applications. It is a full-bore flowmeter with no flow obstructions or moving parts. The device provides superior accuracy on a wide operating range without pressure loss.

The strong construction will allow them to be installed in various applications, including above-ground or buried service in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Why choose this advanced meter?

There are various reasons why many customers are always their eyes to the products’ reviews. They wanted to buy quality and eco-friendly water system devices until they found Emflux magnetic flowmeters due to their excellent features, such as:

  1. All meters are supplied with individual calibration certificates and we flow calibrated.
  2. Meters are available in two different styles: flanged style and insert or in pit style in the sizes of 5mm to 1500mm.
  3. Meters are NMI certified to measure the flow rates.
  4. Flanged meters are in two different models: steel body and plastic body.
  5. Flangeless meters are ideally for pits and pipe insert applications.

For pits pipe insert and end mount applications, magnetic flowmeters offer a cost-saving irrigation installation.

When shopping for flow meters, you may find a lot of choices of brands available. But, come to think of it, does it offer the same advantages and features as Emflux? The excellent quality and features of Emflux magnetic water flowmeters are incomparable.

Take note, control and management of water distribution is a huge and serious work, and only reliable and durable functional flowmeters that can combat natural disasters must be your option.