Choosing Neon Signs For Your Business

Choosing Neon Signs For Your Business

Neon sign is an excellent way for business owners to add dimension to their establishment. When you see your name in big bright lights, it makes you feel like you’re part of something special, and that’s the idea behind using signage. Neon signs can be used anywhere: bars, restaurants, retail stores, and even some homes. The great thing about these signs is that they come in various shapes and sizes, so finding one that suits your location shouldn’t be too hard. If you want more information on how these signs work or what types of them there are, keep reading.

Getting started with choosing neon signs for your business helps if you know what type of sign would look best in your location. There are a few different kinds of these signs that can be used in various businesses.

Neon signs

The first type is the channel letter sign. This particular signage comes with individual letters stacked on top of one another, each strand encased in its metal channel casing for protection from weather and tampering. This makes it easy to change specific letters whenever necessary or if you want to buy new ones altogether. Depending on where your business is located determines what size channel letter signs you should get, but most people stick with 24″ and 48″ models because they’re visible enough without being overwhelming in appearance. For businesses further away from the street, you might have to go more significantly so that people driving past can see it better since lower case letters aren’t as visible.

Another type is the backlit sign. These are great for storefronts because they work well both night and day, so people can see them when they drive by or while inside the establishment. This neon signage comes with fluorescent tubes installed inside hollow channels, backlighting the lettering from behind. Depending on how much light you want your sign of having will determine how many bulbs you should have inside it. For a brighter look, opt for more bulbs for each channel letter to light up the room at night or whenever you turn them on during daytime hours. You can even get a model with adjustable lighting if you find that certain times of the day aren’t bright enough to read what your sign says.

Another type is the corner lit neon sign. Light is exposed from exposed bulbs on all four corners, which gives off an almost glowing appearance to the lettering whether during day or night time hours. This particular signage comes with a metal frame that attaches to the wall and has a sheet of plastic stretched across it, giving a 3D look to your signage. This specific type of sign can be hung from ceilings as well if that’s your preference, but since many people usually prefer their signs higher up above where customers are, using corner lighting tends to work best for most establishments.