A Brief Report on Differences of Soffit and Fascia

A Brief Report on Differences of Soffit and Fascia

The roof of the home is constructed using more parts and bit complex too. In those, Soffit and fascia st louis mo are the important components that support the ventilation of the home. Also, those are helping to avoid mildew and mold by removing the moisture present in the atmosphere. Though the soffit and fascia st louis mo are termed as together it is much important to know what it is, uses and other details? of fixing it along with the roof.

What it is?

Soffit: It is the bottom side of the long wooden board which is supporting the roof placed at the external side of the wall. Generally, a material that will cover the hanging part of the roof is called the soffit. Aluminium and vinyl are some of the materials used to design the soffit.

Fascia: Fascia is a long wooden board fixing along the side of the wall where the guttering is attached with it. It will cover the space between the roof and soffit.  Generally wood will use to design this, apart from some of the composite will be used.

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Soffit: It is used to cover up the space present under the eaves on the exterior side of the house. It protects the home from moisture. The perfect perforated soffit will allow the air circulation through which that will avoid the moisture presence. Hence wood rot will be avoided.

Fascia: It uses to generate the obstacle between the outside of the wall and roof and it helps to protect the roof edges from atmospheric conditions. It provides support to fix the drain pipes also the gutters. Enhance the appearance of the home.


Fascia: Installed under the line of roof around the whole structure and fixed at the top side of the external wall.

Soffit: It is being fixed to the fascia board at the outside of the wall. It is placed under the edges of the wall called eave.


Soffit: It is the only roof component that will be affected more. It is constantly exposed to snow and water also the pests and birds will form their nest inside the soffit, which will cause damage that leads to wood rot. Any kind of indication, soffit should be replaced.

Fascia: It will expose to water hence wood will get rot and will lose its strength. In this also if any kind of indications like rot wood and paint removal then have to repair or replace.