Five impacts of animated graphics on young people

Five impacts of animated graphics on young people

As a marketer, you understand the value of grabbing the attention of your target audience with appealing and meaningful advertising. Static ads have been good enough for this for years. In the current market, animated ads are a fun and effective way to get the kind of consumer attention you need to develop your business, particularly if you want to reach younger audiences. Here are some of the reasons why using animation studio Australia is using animated graphics to target younger audiences:

1.      Advertisements that are animated are more engaging.

Animated advertisements are more immersive by default than static ads, which is one reason they are successful at reaching younger viewers. They’re unique from static advertising, for example, and therefore more likely to catch the audience’s attention. People are also hardwired to respond to movement. As a result, animated advertisements divert the consumer’s attention away from whatever they’re doing and toward the company’s message.

2.      Ads That Are Animated Are Simple To Understand

Any advertisement aims to convey the company’s message to the viewer. Since today’s youth have shorter attention spans, they want brief and easy commercials to comprehend. As a result, static ads are less interactive and more nuanced, making it more difficult to express the message clearly and quickly. It is particularly true if the message you’re conveying is convoluted or difficult to comprehend.

3.      Memorable Animated Advertising

Your mission as an advertiser is to make people remember your brand or product when they see your advertisements. Animated ads aim to achieve this task more efficiently than static ads because they are entertaining and simple to understand. In reality, compared to other advertising types, an animated ad allows viewers to retain up to 58 percent more information.

4.      Modern animated adverts

 Because of animation, motion, video, and design, animated advertisements are more likely to catch these viewers’ attention because they give the brand a more modern feel. Animated advertisements are a modern update on the more conventional static ad since they use animation, motion, and attractive graphics. They more accurately represent the type of media in which younger viewers are more familiar and at ease.

5.      Animated adverts are entertaining.

Finally, since animated advertisements are entertaining, you may want to consider using them to attract younger audiences. Your audience will be drawn into the world and characters you and your animation partner build together, rather than just reading words or looking at a single illustration. Character creation that is both innovative and well-designed and the right amount of movement and action will produce a tale that the audience will enjoy watching. The more enjoyable your commercial is for them, the more probably they will consider your brand and buy your goods in the future. Visit animation studios australia website for more information.