A Revolutionary App for Musicians and Artists

A Revolutionary App for Musicians and Artists

More and more people want more music, more live music, more DJs, more moments, and more exciting experiences with music. This is why a revolutionary app is now available at Google Play. It’s a booking app that is designed to aid hosts who are seeking to be connected to DJs and musicians. It is simple to use. This is called the Muso app.

The following are the various ways you can use the app for booking:

For Those Who Own Venues and Hosting Services

The app instantly connects music venues with all the top talents that are near them. The app takes care of the discovery, communication, scheduling of gigs, payments, as well as cancellations. All you have to do is add an event you are planning to hold and the best artists in town will find you and come to you. This means you will be saving time and money while ensuring the booking of a reliable musician or DJ.

Muso app

Here are the steps in booking an artist, simply add an event with the preferred artist and vibe. Artists who are interested will apply. Check the applicants, and pick a favorite. Book all these. There is no need to do anything for payment. All these steps are automated.

For Live Musicians and DJs

It is a tedious process of finding and booking gigs, managing liaison or communication, and following up payment. Doing all these can take a lot of your time away from what you love doing best: your music. The app aims to get rid of all the hassles associated with gigging and replace it with a smooth and worthwhile experience. It gets rid of the time-consuming task of networking as well as finding venues. These will be replaced by simply scrolling down the gig feed for new gigs available. This app is a state-of-the-art discovery and booking platform that can connect artists with gigs that complement ther music style. All of these things happen in real time. It doesn’t matter if it is a sideline or a full-time gig, the Muso app will be the perfect tool for venues and hostings to book musicians and DJs that match the style they are looking for.

Artists can simply create a profile in the app. Browse the feed for gigs and apply for those you like. Review the offers given to you and accept those that you are happy with. Do the gig. The app will automatically generate the invoice, and you will be paid in 2 to 3 days.