Why Construction Estimating Software Is a Powerful Industry Tool

Why Construction Estimating Software Is a Powerful Industry Tool

If you are a builder/contractor, you would have come across estimating tools and software applications for construction. However, not all builders readily accept change and start using the software. If you are one among them, here are some facts to dispel any second thoughts that you are having. Moving to estimation software is the way forward. It is how you can get to the top (or maintain your place there).

What can you expect the software to do?

Estimating software for builders and contractors provides functionalities such as on-screen takeoffs, project management, payment tracking, generating reports, and so much more. Applications such as these are time-saving. And in business, time is money. Every second that you are not spending on repetitive, trivial tasks, you can concentrate on more important tasks to build your business.

Architects, builders and contractors are widely using estimating software to prepare cost estimates to bid a price for a project, among other reasons. Thanks to the technological boom, estimating software has become more reliable, affordable and accessible.

Estimating software for builders and contractors

What makes it a powerful industry tool?

If professionals prefer software over traditional methods, there have to be some solid benefits.

Apart from the obvious benefit of saving time, estimating software promises a decreased error margin. Estimation accuracy is invaluable. It has to power to make or break construction projects.

Let us consider another feature – on-screen takeoffs. You can now say goodbye to paper plans and rulers. Online takeoffs get the job done in minutes. Takeoffs are automatically linked to item costs. Thus, you can perform estimation in the same step. A takeoff is saved so that you can reuse it to estimate other items at a later time. Activities that would take a long time when done manually, take hardly a few minutes.

Real-time tracking and management of costs, quick and flexible scheduling, integration with accounting software are some other convincing features to shift your operations to estimating software.

The free-trial

It is perhaps as attractive as other features. You do not have to believe in the software’s efficiency right away. You get a free trial! Thus, you have limited period access to all features of the software. If a software developer is offering limited period free trials, it also means that the interface is user-friendly. You can get acquainted with the software as you start using it – no special training required.

After you have used the trial software, you can decide whether to invest in it or not. When you are getting a first-hand experience of the software for free, you have nothing to lose. Explore every feature in the software, see how accurate it is and then choose it if you are satisfied with the tool.